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This company wiki software has been specialised for technical support provided by IT companies for their customers.

It uses MediaWiki and the Semantic MediaWiki extension to provide forms for data input so information can be stored in a structured way. It requires key information, such as passwords to be entered.

Providing Excellent Technical Support

This solution allows for information required by your staff members to get the information they require to support your customers with maximum efficiency. As it grows it becomes an invaluable source of information about your customers that will preserved if staff members change.

It contains the following main sections.

Customer Details

  • Details contact information, customer sites, equipment and configuration.
  • Data entry is done via forms. To force the capture of required information.
  • Enabled technical support staff to access critical information quickly.


Knowledge Base

Build Sheets

Computer Rebuild form

  • A form to fill out and be agreed with the customer about data locations for retention, software requirements and mapped drives.
  • Provides an information storage if you have engineers collecting computers that will be rebuilt by a different engineer in a workshop.

Project Scoping System

  • A set of forms to be filed out by sales and reviewed by technical before being sold to the customer.
  • To avoided the sale of impossible / hard to implement solutions.
  • To provide the engineers estimation of time scales for the solution.
  • Manage customer expectations by better quoting with technical input.
  • To avoid a “us” and “them” dynamic developing in your company between sale and technical.



Public Wiki


  • Contains the templates used to create the wiki. They are the core of this wiki, they are used to produced forms and display the data the inputted by them. You are welcome to copy them to your own company wiki software.
  • I am available to code solution templates that your company require.

Server UP

  • A tool to monitor network connections to customers networks