Technical Support Wiki Software requirements and steps

Detailed below are the requirements for the technical support wiki. No purchase is required. This is free software.

Download and install the core company wiki software

Apache modules to enable

I think the default modules are all that are needed but here is a list of what I have enabled.

  • mod_access_compat
  • mod_actions
  • mod_alias
  • mod_allowmethods
  • mod_asis
  • mod_auth_basic
  • mod_authn_core
  • mod_authn_file
  • mod_authz_core
  • mod_authz_groupfile
  • mod_authz_host
  • mod_authz_user
  • mod_autoindex
  • mod_cgi
  • mod_dav_lock
  • mod_dir
  • mod_env
  • mod_headers
  • mod_include
  • mod_isapi
  • mod_log_config
  • mod_mime
  • mod_negotiation
  • mod_rewrite
  • mod_setenvif
  • mod_socache_shmcb
  • mod_ssl
  • mod_version

PHP Modules to Enable

  • curltechnical support wiki
  • fileinfo
  • gd2
  • gmp
  • intl
  • mbstring
  • mysqli
  • openssl
  • pdo_mysql
  • sqlite3 (only if needed)
  • xsl (only if needed)

Bare Bones PRIVATE Site

Download Private Files v1

  1. Extract to the apache web pages directory. As specified in the httpd.conf file as the “Document Root”.

Download Private database v1

  1. Extract to the mysql bin folder.
  2. Browse to “https://[YOUR_SERNAME]/phpMyAdmin”. Login using the username and password you specified when installing MySQL.
  3. Create a database called “boy_wikidb” and a user “boy_wikidb” with full rights to the “boy_wikidb” database. Record the password.
  4. Import database with the command:
    mysql -u boy_wikidb -p[PASSWORD] boy_wikidb < boy_wikidb.sql With PASSWORD you created in step three.

Edit LocalSettings.php

Locate and edit LocalSettings.php file. It will be located in you Apache DocumentRoot/w directory.

  1. Change $wgSitename to the title of your wiki.
  2. Change $wgServer to the URL of your private wiki.
  3. Change the image referenced in $wgLogos to your wiki logo.
  4. Change $wgEmergencyContact to a valid email of your sys admin.
  5. Change $wgDBpassword to the password you gave that boy_wikidb username.
  6. If you want to use Image Magic then download, install and uncomment $wgUseImageMagick and provide its path in $wgImageMagickConvertCommand.
  7. Change “enableSemantics” to a name is your choice. For example “bobs-support-company”.

Edit Other Files

  1. Change “apple-touch-icon.png” to a png for site icon for iPhones.
  2. Change “favicon.ico” to an icon for all other browsers.

Bare Bone PUBLIC Site

I’ll do this tomorrow…

You have installed the Technical Support Wiki


company wiki software

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